Your Small Business Needs a Big Introduction

During my initial conversations with any small business owner looking to get a website, one of the first questions I ask is “Do you have a logo for your business?” The reason for this is, I want to ensure that the website compliments the logo – the style, colors, even the audience it is meant to speak to.  Your small business brand starts with your logo – this is not the place to skimp on quality or cut corners.  Your logo is the cornerstone for your small business’s brand identity so make it count with a great logo design.

When I design your logo, I utilize all the information that you provide in my Logo Design Inquiry form. This is crucial in capturing all the elements and concepts to define what your small business represents.  As you can imagine, having options is always a plus, especially when you are giving someone else your vision.  Because of this, my logo design process includes me providing you five to eight different concepts of your logo design vision – this way you, your close friends, family and business associates (it’s always good to have a few sets of eyes to get first impressions) have a lot of visual data to make this important decision.

Once you have finalized your logo, you will receive you vector images and design elements either via secure download or on a physical flash drive (the choice is yours).  This vector image can be used to promote your brand on an ink pen, mug and polo or a vehicle wrap, billboard or private jet – the possibilities are endless.

Your Brand – Everywhere You Can Imagine

Once your logo design is complete, you can start promoting your business not only on your website, but on merchandise and marketing materials.  Here are a few promotional products and materials for you keep your small business on the minds of your customers:

  • Business cards, flyers and brochures
  • Animated logo designs (social media promotion)
  • T-shirts, polos and hats
  • Packaging stickers and labels
  • Pens, pins and refrigerator magnets
  • Bumper stickers and window decals

I work with a great company that produces high quality promotional material with fast turnaround times and reasonable pricing.

Let’s Talk About Your Brand Design

Ready to get started? Choose your Logo Design Package, fill out my Logo Design Inquiry form or Get In Touch today to learn more about my professional logo design services and tell me about your business’s branding needs.