If you’re looking for someone that knows web design, graphic design and web security then look no further.  I started out designing a logo in early 1998 for a group of local musicians and have been designing everything from business cards to t-shirts and websites ever since.  My career path has been in the Information Technology field since 2004 in roles ranging from end user support, data security analytics to web application vulnerability management.  For the past 20+ years, my passion has been based on three simple principles: Web. Design. Security.

While I am comfortable working in the corporate realm, I prefer freelance web and graphic design because it gives me the flexibility to work with whom I choose.  My client base is diverse – from first-time small business owners to large non-profit organizations.  My Information Security background allows me to provide my clients with simple, captivating and functional websites all while incorporating standard web application security during the development phase – not as an additional service.  Because, that is how it should be.

During my first year as a freelance web designer, I discovered that many small business owners lacked the knowledge and understanding to successfully market and brand their business online.  Soon after my corporate career took off, I began offering web consulting services to small business owners of services such as payment gateways, invoicing, email marketing and social media promotion.  This is a way for me to give back and share my knowledge.

I’m a Believer ✝, Husband, Girl Dad, Herbivore, USMC Vet, Web Geek, Proficient Designer, InfoSec Gladiator, Licensed Drone Pilot, Nike, Music & Soccer Fan.

Proud member of Freelancers Union

I am a Proud Member of the Freelancers Union, the largest and fast-growing organization representing the 56.7 million independent workers across the United States.


“It’s not what you look at the matters… it’s what you see.”
~ Ricardo Campbell


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